Kristi Presenting Snappy the Turtle

What We Offer

Due to new circumstances related to COVID and social distancing, all of my programs can be accessed through virtual conferencing.

KNB Communications offers programs to meet the vast and growing social media needs of teens, students, parents, and educators. Each program is a living program that is updated frequently as the social media landscape changes. New programs are also being created as new needs arise.

Each of our programs is audience-specific, usually lasting from 30 minutes to 2 hours. We speak with:

  • Professional Conferences
  • Schools (Catering to the Entire Staff and/or Students)
  • After-School Programs
  • Churches (Adult and Child Programs)
  • Community Conferences
  • Companies/Lunch and Learns (Usually Through Company Wellness Programs)

We also deliver a speaking engagements with small intimate groups....children or adults.

An in-depth discussion of each program is available upon request.

Our Programs

  • How to be a Champion While Using Social Media (Grades 4 to 6)
  • Social Media: How to be Empowered (Grades 6 to 8)
  • Social Media: This is YOUR Social Life (High School Students)
  • Empowering Educators
  • How to Have Open Communication With Your Teen/s
  • Social Media and At Risk Youth
  • Social Media and Foster Care: Empowering Foster Care Parents
  • Social Media 101 for Coaches: How to Empower Your Athletes
  • Social Media 101 for Athletes (Middle and High school Students)
  • Social Media Safety for Seniors
  • Connecting Generations (this is a Senior online safety program)

We also host webinars and offer private consultations.

A Glimpse at Some of Our Programs

Social Media 101: How to be Empowered

Teens are taught how to use their social media power to be empowered. Listed below are just a few of the most important rules to follow to stay safe while using social media.

  • Never give out private information
  • Never share inappropriate pictures

Teens are also taught how to use social media for positive change. Social media, as the new resume, is also discussed at length with older teens.

Social Media 101 for Parents

Parents are taught about trending apps, what dangers to look for (cyberbullying, suicide indications, predator behavior), communicating with their teen/s, and recognizing positive and negative social media behavior. Parents are also provided with numerous parent helper tools to apply when they return home.

Empowering Educators

Educators are taught about trending apps, recognizing positive and negative behaviors in the classroom, teacher modeling, and social media boundaries with their students. They are also provided with numerous teacher helper tools to apply in the classroom.

Connecting Generations

Seniors experience a high rate of depression due to isolation brought upon by decreased mobility. This disconnection that can sometimes occur among families due to the aging process can be resolved by using social media. This program teaches seniors how to stay safe online and how to connect with loved ones through social media.

What Moms Are Saying

“I attended one of Kristi's events in Birmingham this summer and found it very eye-opening! As a parent, I felt I did adequate follow up on my boys and what screen time they were engaging in daily. All the tips, tools, and new information Kristi provided helped me to realize there was more I could do to keep them safe and limit screen time. I am now easily able to put these into practice. Given that we found it so beneficial we are encouraging local schools to allow her to come visit and speak with the students!”

- Carie Gancy, mom of two boys age 10 and 12