2/7/2020 10th Annual National Peer Program Conference, Perdido Beach Resort

9:30am and 11:00am - Social Media: The Effects on Peer Relationships


2/21/20 Alabama Conference of Social Work, Perdido Beach Resort

8am-"Social Media & Teens: Balancing Safety and Reality"


2/24/20 Uniserve----Birmingham, AL

4:30pm-6pm Keynote "Social Media: Balancing Safety & Reality"

2/27/20 Elsanor Elementary---Robertsdale, AL

5:30pm-7pm Parent Conference (Open to the public), Student conference during the day

3/4/20 Elmore County Alternative School----Wetumpka, AL

3/9/20 ACEA "Rockstars" Conference---Birmingham, AL

8:30am Student Conference "This is Your Social Media Life"

12pm "Social Media: Balancing Safety & Reality" (closed to members)


3/16/20 WJ High School---Ozark, AL

6pm-7:30pm "Social Media: Balancing Safety & Reality" (open to the community)

Student conference during the day.

3/23/20 Bay Minette After School Program (21stCCG Program)---Bay Minette, AL

3:30pm-5:00pm. Program Students Only

3/30/20 Tallassee High School---Tallassee, AL

6:30pm-8:00pm Parent Conference

4 Student (Day) Conferences

4/1/20 Christ The King---Fairhope, AL

10am: Parent conference & 6pm-7:30pm Parent conference (School Parents Only)

4/21/20 Loxely Elementary---Loxely, AL

1:30pm-Student Program

6 pm-Parent Conference-Open to the Public

4/28/20 Tarrant City Schools (pending)

7/21/20 GRITC Conference---Open to the Public