Making an Impact One Parent/One Child at a Time!

KNB Communications has been teaching parents and children to become social media savvy for quite some time now. View photos of our events below!

Knb students hands raised
Knb student leadership conference

Knb social media how to be empowered
Knb social media 101 flyer

Knb school auditorium
Knb school auditorium 02

Knb personification classroom
Knb personification classroom 02

Knb kristi speaking 03
Knb kristi with laptop on chair

Knb kristi wkrg
Knb kristi speaking 02

Knb kristi speaking 01
Knb kristi church

Knb kristi presenting 01
Knb kristi prescription for parents

Knb kristi church 02
Knb crack the code event

Knb cyber security flyer
Knb crack the code flyer

Knb crack the code flyer
Knb how to navigate your teens social media life

Knb kristi powerpoint slide 01